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Mailing Address: Erin Whipple, 333 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096

Classes beginOctober 16th. Email me for more information.

This year I will be running two sessions. The first session will be 9 weeks, the classes will start the week of Oct 16th and end the week of December 18th, with no class the week of November 20th. The cost for this session would be $180 for one class a week and $345 for two classes a week.  The second session will be 10 weeks and start the week of Jan 1st and would end the week of March 19th with no classes the week of January 22nd and February 19th.  The cost for this would be $200 for one class a week and $385 for two classes a week.  Classes would be Monday night at 6:30pm, Tuesday morning at 6am, Wed morning at 6am and Wed night at 6:30pm and Thursday morning at 6am. The classes are typically 1 hour. You will need to arrive 10 to 15 min before class starts to set up your bike, classes will start promptly and the software does not allow for late starts.  Whatever day/time you choose will remain the same for the entire session.  If all Kickr trainers are not reserved there will be a drop in fee of $25 per class. Drop-in requires 24 hour notice.  Make-up classes may be arranged if there is an open Kickr at another time during the same week that you miss class. 

Each session will begin and end with a Functional Threshold Power test. Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key metric for cycling performance. Defined as the maximum average power a cyclist can maintain over a one-hour effort.  Power meters measure how much power your legs are producing in watts.  Testing power allows for determining power zones (similar to heart rate zones). By working on improving your FTP, an experienced cyclist could expect to make gains in FTP ranging from 3% to 10% on a year over year basis. With those gains in FTP comes an improvement in cycling performance. The test starts with a 30 min warm-up  followed by a 20 minute test.  The results of the 20 min test is then used to calculate the power you could hold for a 1 hour all out effort.   This threshold test enables you a tailored workout specific to your current fitness; with the aim of getting you the best fitness and strength gains on your bike. For the class I have 8 Wahoo Kickr trainers, a projector monitor for projecting on a big screen, and Perfpro studio software.  The data measured and displayed includes: speed, distance, power, heart rate and cadence (the data is captured using ANT+ technology).  If you have a non-bluetooth heart monitor (ANT +, example: Garmin) and would like the data please bring it to class. Data from all Kickr rides will be stored locally and emailed automatically (data also can be automatically upload to your Training Peaks and or Strava account). 

In addition, individuals may rent time on the Wahoo Kickr or pay a membership fee for unlimited use of the Kickrs. The cost to rent one time is $30 for the first hour, and $15 for each consecutive hour after.  The cost for a monthly membership is $90. For these individual rentals you may use one of 5 dedicated iPads that connects via bluetooth to the Kickr (the app available on the iPads is Cyclops Virtual Training), or you may bring your own iPad.  Through the Virtual Training app you will have access to routes (with video) from all over the world. 

Your space will be held once payment is received. When you sign-up I will need the following information: your height, weight, DOB and what type of cassette you have (11 or 10). *Requirements:  A 10 or 11 speed Shimano or SRAM Cassette.

Please email me with questions and/or to sign-up.  

‚ÄčThe EnergyKick Indoor Cycling Program is for road cyclists and triathletes of all levels featuring the Wahoo Kickr indoor bike trainer. This trainer automatically changes the resistance on your bike to mimic an outdoor ride.  Check out this video to learn more about the trainers