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Mailing Address: Erin Whipple, 333 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096

"I'd highly recommend Erin and the Main Street Energy Lab. She creates a warm, welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, and she has the unique capacity to energize, motivate, and assist people of all levels of experience. Whether you're gearing up for your first 5-K, trying to improve your Ironman PR, or want to bust through a stubborn training plateau, Erin can help you get fitter and faster, and unleash your potential.  After  20 years of running, and 49 marathons and ultras, I learned so much from Erin about everything from form to mental focus to pacing. Her insights, guidance, and encouragement helped me break through burnout, and reignite my desire to extract the best out of myself. It takes a lot of courage to try something new and to test yourself. Hiring a coach is a big decision. I would recommend Erin to anyone. You'll see a huge return on the time, energy and money you spend with her. You'll gain confidence, energy, strength, speed, and most importantly, a real excitement about being your best."

-Jen Van Allen
Author of The Runner's World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training and The Runner's World Big Book of Running for Beginners

"Erin Whipple was exactly what I needed to kick start my workout routine. I started working with her in Running Group this past summer. She welcomed everyone at their fitness level and set reasonable goals each week. She encouraged everyone to encourage each other. By doing this, she created an atmosphere where no one was better by being faster -  that we were all working toward a goal of being faster. I took a minute off my mile in this group and left feeling proud. I am now taking TRX classes with her and getting stronger each week. One way  I can tell is with my abs, holding planks longer and doing more challenging positions. Again she meets everyone in the class at their fitness level and tailors positions to that. She has inspired me to challenge myself even further. I will be starting personal training with her to train for my second triathlon and first Peaks to Portland this summer.
"Belief is athletic rocket fuel" is written on the chalkboard wall of her fitness studio. This is true. Erin will help you find and develop the athlete in you. I know because that's what she is doing with me."

        ~Alina Silver

"I came to Erin as an inexperienced runner.  My goal was to improve enough to run a 5K.  She was able to help people at all ability levels in the class.    Everything Erin does in these classes focuses on the end goal and you can feel yourself improving session by session.  Erin helped me find the fun in running and I can't wait until the next session begins!"

​      ~Wayne John

"I’ve taken triathlon training classes before, but Erin’s class is by far the best I’ve had.  Erin greeted us each morning with enthusiasm and humor, and helped each athlete to reach for our personal best.  She was always positive, always encouraging. Swimming is one of my stronger abilities, and Erin found drills and tips that helped me get faster.  In fact, I clocked my personal best for 325 yards at 5:55.  For running, she helped us build endurance, slowly ramping out of our winter into the spring, first on the treadmill and then outside.  For biking, Erin interspersed her upbeat and fun music with solid instruction on transition strategies and equipment.  Erin also has a strong grasp of physiology, and I learned a lot from her about how an athlete’s body works.

Erin helped us solidify our trainings and our learnings through weekly emails that recapped the past week’s workouts, helped us prepare for the next week, and provided us with suggested workouts for days we weren’t in class with her.  I would highly recommend Erin as a coach.  She has a wonderful personality, strong technical knowledge, and is committed and dependable.  I can’t wait to take the next class with her!"

        ~Kristina Egan